Open[Upstate] Data Day

Open[Upstate] Data Day
2 N Main St.
Greenville, SC
02/21/2015 9:30 am to 02/21/2015 3:30 pm
This meeting is public.

OpenDataDay is an anual, world-wide open data hack-a-thon. OpenUpstate is hosted our 2nd incarnation of OpenDataDay in Greenville at OpenWorks on Saturday, February 21st.

You'll get the opportunity to:

  • learn about Open Data and data licensing
  • discover open projects and data sources
  • code your own (or help other) project using Open Data

Data sources include topics ranging from bus routes to comics, from government spending to video games.

RSVP and bring friends!

We're collecting info and ideas on the event wiki at GitHub.

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Greenville Game Developers Meet-up

Greenville Game Developers Meet-up
2 N Main St
Greenville, SC 29601
07/25/2014 12:00 pm to 07/25/2014 1:30 pm

Our last OpenUpstate Game Developer meet-up was huge (for us)! We're excited to have another go at it, and hopefully make this a regular thing.


If you have a game, and would like to present, please ping BigBlueHat on Twitter or in the #greenville channel on


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May 22nd - Web & Wifi; Security & Privacy

Tim Fowler will be presenting "WTF Wifi?!" and exposing common misconceptions about our safety, security, and privacy when using Wifi--both public and private. If you do work from a coffee shop, you'll want to hear this talk.

Jason Neal will be presenting "How the heartbleeds" covering the recent OpenSSL security hole. Other than the heartbleed's not pretty.

Join us at OpenWorks @ 2 N Main St. Greenville, SC. Talks start at noon. Discussion continues until we've solved all known problems...or until we need to get back to fixing them.

Bring your lunch, a friend, and some ideas for the next meet-up.

See you Friday!

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OpenUpstate/OpenDataDay2014 on Github

We now have an OpenDataDay2014 repo ready on Github. We'll we using that before, during, and after the event to share data, docs, designs, and code. Grab a ticket (they're free!) and we'll get you added as a Team member.

We're actively looking for open data--especially related to South Carolina or the Upstate (or the cities therein) specifically. If you've got some--or are up for making some!--we'd love to have you join us on the Wiki even if you can't make it to the event.

See you Saturday!

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